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Mayflower Legacy is about promoting the legacy of Tai and Sheila Solarin. Promoting the core principles which made them overcome adversities in creating a unique enterprise that produced Africa’s first female chemical engineer and the best school in Africa.

The story of Tai and Sheila Solarin is likened to one of the two best selling fiction books of all time. What sets it apart, it is not a work of fiction. The story is very real!

Experts predicted a catastrophe. Religious leaders of different faiths prophesied doom. Professionals in major industries claimed it was the biggest mistake and waste of resources. The outcome of their perseverance and determination was to produce the very best school on the continent that produced the first female chemical engineer in Africa. A period when women were relegated to domestic duties all over the world.

  • Have you ever wondered why some countries in Africa are endowed with mineral resources but are crippled with corruption and mismanagement?
  • Have ever marveled at how some African students study in first world countries only to see no productive contribution from these scholarships in their respective countries?
  • Does it bother you that the more aids given to some African countries the more reliant they are on these aids with no equal or corresponding sustainable development?
  • Are you lost on how and where to contribute to make a sustainable impact where the poorest countries in the world become independent?

This website is not just dedicated to celebrating Tai & Sheila’s achievements but most importantly to promote the practice of the core principles that made them achieve the impossible. Through valuable partnership and education we are determined to impact and see more results as achieved by Tai & Sheila. Hence, Mayflower Legacy.



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