​Help break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.

​There is a ​Tai & Sheila in each of us only if we let it blossom.

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I do not want to be seen giving alms to the poor. I want to be seen teaching the poor how to live ​creatively by making use of their hands and feet.”

 - Tai Solarin -

Why Mayflower Legacy?

To eliminate poverty through education and sustainable investments - built on hands up and not hands out. This has been achieved before through Tai & Sheila Solarin's enterprise - Ma​yflower School.

​Tai & Sheila Solarin

The love birds who created an enterprise that produced Africa's first female chemical engineer. Get to know them. 

​The Story of a School - Mayflower

​The year was 1956. In the heart of Africa was a school founded out of frustration and struggle. The unique school was named Mayflower School - An institution for mental freedom. Created for the sole purpose to recondition the students' mindset to free itself from self imposed limitations of religion, superstitions and discrimination.

Possible ​MISSIONs should you choose to accept.

​We believe it as much as you do that our generation is determined to change the world for the better through education and taking action towards progress and collaboration. Our generation ask questions and keep pushing boundaries of uncertainty and impossibilities.Each and everyone has within us the ability to chip in for a better world. Here's the ​CHALLENGE for the month. May the ODDS always be in our favour.

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​TAI Solarin

​Turn your challenges into opportunities by dreaming BIG

​Sheila solarin

​My Love Letter to Tai: How I became a Solarin


​The World Owes You Nothing!

ashtanga Yoga

Duis sed odio sit amet nibh vulputate cursus.


​Lived and died for Humanity.

​Tai was my greatest motivator from the time I met him in 1947 till his death in 1994.

​If more people had listened to him, Nigeria might have made better progress. - Sheila Solarin


​Reliance on oneself or one's own powers, ability and resources.

Quality education and skill development:

​The goal of education must include critical thinking, problem solving and self-reliance.



​The autonomy to make decisions that affect your life and others in any position at a particular time.

​Zero tolerance to discrimination:

​Race, gender, and religion.

Freedom of expression:

​The right to express yourself without victimisation or contempt. The right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government.

​Physical and Emotional Wellbeing:

​ A positive sense of state which enables an individual to be able to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life.

 Tai & Sheila Solarin


Good behaviour is no monopoly of Taoism, or Confucianism, or Buddhism, or Christianity, or Islam. Every human being is a warehouse of goodness - Tai Solarin

​I read books that challenge and inspire: books that make one feel that life is worth living - Tai Solarin

Join us now and help break the cycle of poverty

​There's a Tai & Sheila in everyone of us only if we just let it blossom.


​Eliminating poverty through education, one at a time.